7 proven facts stopping you to get success in life

Hello Readers, Welcome to Insidopedia, I came up with, very important life aspect to discuss about 7 proven facts stopping you to get success in life. After reading this, You’ll have a completely different perspective towards your day to day work & It could be possible that some of your beliefs may get changed.

7 proven facts stopping you to get success in life
7 proven facts stopping you to get success in life
Maybe you already know about these facts which are stopping you to get success in life but you’re having a hard time resolving these issues, so I urge you to read this post thoroughly because I have provided effective solutions to overcome these hurdles.

So, Let's start with our discussion on facts stopping you to get success in life & Tell me one thing, Do you believe in luck ? or Are you a long time admirer of this quote?

Fortune favors the Brave

Let me tell you straight forward, This is all crap. Ohh, you disagree with me? Okay! What if I tell you, I have a hack to get you succeed!

You don’t believe me right? Of Course, you won’t believe me, it is because We all think that we’re doing fine in our life. All We’re lagging, to have enough time, We don’t have money to execute our plans, we aren't having many resources, people don’t support us, we are not popular like some luminary, right?

These are the excuses to run away from reality.

I’ll tell you why? I am gonna present some obvious yet very simple 7 proven facts stopping you to get success in life, we are ignoring just before ourselves.

Remember, No one's gonna feed us unless we don’t have that hunger to go beyond our limits.

I would suggest you read this post thoroughly. Make sure that you’re serious about your goals, & you have enough courage to work on yourself.

Moreover, If you promise me to work on these proven facts which eventually stop you to get success in life, you are willing to make some tweaks in your thought process & daily routine, then no one will stop you to be successful.

I know what is running in your mind. How could this small post change your belief system & make you successful?

I am gonna present some proven facts, Which were applied by many successful people to get whatever they visioned for. If you read any biography of a successful person, You’ll definitely find out these 7 proven facts, stopping you to get success in life.

Are you ready? Let’s begin & know the hack to get success in life.

1 You are not fully “Honest to Yourself”:

Have you ever heard this quote? “Honesty is the best policy” I must say you do. But think about a person who’s always honest with others & never tells a lie. Ohh ! that can be, none other than the GOD, am I right? So why is this quote so famous & where do successful people use it in real life?

This quote is only for ourselves & You have to be honest to yourself only. Being honest to yourself is the very first & most important point among these proven facts which I'm presenting here, to get success in life.

Your next question must be running in your mind, Your brain is fighting right now & telling you that “Ohh wait! I am always honest to myself, I know what I am doing and have pretty much understood what I like & what I don't.”

However, I am talking about something else. Let's make it more simple.

So stop reading further & Ask these questions to yourself,  right now…

What is that thing you’re really good at?
What are the things you’re pretending, you’re good at?
What things keep distracting you to achieve your goal?
Are you really putting your 100% to get you there?
What types of people can help you to get one step closer to the goal?
Are you really working on your skill sets?

Note: These questions are necessary to be asked to yourself, otherwise you may lose continuity of this post about 7 proven facts stopping you to get success in life ]

If any of these questions written above, make you confused or you don’t have an answer to that, Unfortunately, my friend, You are not 100% honest to yourself.

Let’s move to our next proven fact stopping you to get success in life.

2 You don’t keep track of your time
( Discipline ) :

Have you ever realized how much time you are actually putting to achieve your goals or let's say, moving towards success? I must say at least for once we all have prepared a time table, am I right? But then after days or weeks, we return to our daily life routine where we’re doing unnecessary things, wasting our time over the phone, social networking sites & all, right?

[ Note: This is the second most important fact which is stopping you to get success in life ( I’ll tell you why ! )]

I am not saying you should stop everything & drudgery work on your goals, this might become hectic & you’ll probably be cut off from society and your family. Moreover, It could be a chance you’ll get stressed out & land up in a depressed state.

So, The question is, how should we move further effectively, so that we could also manage to spend some time in other activities?

Answer to that is very simple: Start tracking your time with “How”. It means, How much time do you spend on social sites? How much time you’re involved in talking to friends & family, Start tracking that time.

Do it for one or two weeks & start marking activities as useful or useless then start cutting down the time of useless stuff. That’s pretty simple, No? 

[ Why am I focusing & stretching this point too much? It is because Time is fixed (24 hours) for everyone & this point could make a huge difference between a loser & winner ( that’s why this is the 2nd most important point among all the 7 facts stopping you to get success in life). If You won’t perform this activity, you’ll never get to know where you are spending all the time & this might create problems to work on the next valuable facts which I am going to discuss here. ]

Moreover, You can make one of your friends/family members as your mentor who will help you to keep track of your time & give you daily status. Also, If you can afford to hire a mentor you should go with that.

3 You are not working on your skills:

Okay, So you have set priorities, started cutting down the time spent on useless things, but what is next to be implemented? You’ve read the point correctly,  You are not working on your skills .

I’ll tell you why, the skill may be related to technology, ethics, strategy, creative things like writing, art or whatever you wanted to learn about, but it doesn’t only mean to master any subject or concept, it may be a solution to a problem, like we discussed, people face time management issue, similarly you might not know, how to get in touch with people who can help you further ( That, We’ll soon discuss in this post to get 100% success in life ) or how to manage your current job while hustling in life.

This can be done in 2 ways:

A) If you get time to work on a skill or you think, This can only be done by yourself, Start learning that skill ( Never ever hesitate to invest, If it adds value to your goal ).
 B) If It can be outsourced, Go for it. “Remember, We can do anything but not everything”.
If you can not afford it, & You have identified, someone has the capability to do the task, Ask for Help, ( It could be from people you know / friends/family) but we must remember to have a relationship of give n take. ( first, We do something for them then ask for help in return. That’s how they will be enjoying working with us)

Note: There should be a single motive of this activity, “Find Solution to Problem”

4 Your goals are not realistic ( Over Committing & Not having a proper implementation strategy ):

You may be a master in multitasking, or You’ve imagined how you’ll manage all the things single-handedly, but if you’re not having a proper time-bound strategy & achievable goals, this can lead to a big-time failure. This is the most common factor found in unsuccessful people or The People Who failed to be successful among 7 proven facts stopping you to get success in life.

Thinking out loud can be a sign of ambition. That's how we plan & vision our future, right? But there should be a time-bound, realistic approach while we plan to implement something.

We must not over commit or set unrealistic goals which are not achievable.

Do one thing, take a pen & a notebook, write down your final goal ( It doesn’t matter how realistic it sounds), Now breakdown this goal to multiple smaller goals with respect to fixed time duration ( Like in next one year I’ll definitely achieve this & in next 2 years I’ll reach there and so on). Again breakdown these in achievable monthly goals.
( This is very important to analyze your routine & to get success in life ).

Start writing down things you’ll need to do ( in a month) or types of people you’ll need to connect with or anything else required to achieve this monthly goal. (We could also break these further up to daily/hourly goals but for now, I am not going into that level).

Now, If everything looks fine & achievable, start working on those. Remember, We need to be disciplined & flexible as required, but everything must be time-bound & keep track of your time.

Learn, Implement, take feedback, modify & repeat.

5 You are not Consistent enough:

No one has ever achieved anything without consistency. In a very loud & clear voice, I am urging you all to start putting small efforts daily. It doesn’t matter if you find an hour or two, but It should be daily or after a certain time interval. People fail to be consistent. However, It plays a very crucial role in their life. I am mentioning my favorite quotes below:

Successful people do ordinary things with extraordinary consistency, commitment, and focus - by Jon Gordon

(As I earlier mentioned, You can find all the 7 proven facts stopping you to get success in life in any of the successful person’s narratives) 

The Rarest of All Human Qualities is Consistency - by Jeremy Bentham

Why have I mentioned these famous quotes? Did you get the idea of how important consistency is? If not then let me tell you with an example.

If you read one book per month, 12 books in a year, & your life span is of 40 years, you will read 480 books. If you count an average of 300 pages in a book, You’d cover 144000 pages.

That’s the power of consistency. Consistency converts ordinary people into an extraordinary one.

I think You’ve got the idea. So we must stop making excuses and start working with focus & discipline. 

6 Your Life is full of Toxic People ( People who don’t put value to get success in life ):

What if I Say, You need to start monitoring people around you, your friends, colleagues, relatives, schoolmates, internet buddies, etc. You’ll start debating with me, right? It is because those people might be with you for a very long time & now I am calling them toxic people.

( The important yet underestimated fact which stops you to get success in life)

You’ve misunderstood me, friend, I am just asking you to start analyzing those people, Either they really support you, help you or they are just a reason for putting yourself down.

It doesn't mean they are bad people, It’s just they are not putting value to get success in life, If you’re spending maximum amount of time with them & not getting something in return which would help you to achieve your goal, then it’s time to build or join a new community.

This community might be on the internet or in your society or maybe at your workplace. However, Those people must have Either a common interest as yours ( w.r.t. goals), Educators, Influencers, or your ideal one. ( I recommend you to follow one ideology in life which may eventually help you to get success in life ) 

By joining these types of people/communities will help you stay focused, motivated & add value to get success in life.

Getting along well with other people is still the world's most needed skill. With it...there is no limit to what a person can do. We need people, we need the cooperation of others. It is very little we can do alone - by Earl Nightingale

One more benefit as I told you earlier that you could favor each other in many terms. If you’re stuck somewhere, you could ask for help, regular meetups can speed up your pace, You can share your daily/weekly achievements. You can also discuss any new ideas without any hesitation after building a trustful environment. By collaboration, you could also think of long term partnership & support.

So I would suggest you start exploring people with common interests & build your long term professional relationships which might help you today or tomorrow.

One more thing wanted to focus on, Always try to avoid arguments, this can offend people and try not to deal with negative people, they can put your moral down.

7 You are not focusing on your health ( Health is Wealth ):

I can write down a number of successful people’s names who prioritize health at the top.

No person may enjoy outstanding success without good health. - by Napoleon Hill

Or maybe this quote you’ve heard the most

Good Health is the most important thing, More than Success. More than Money. More than Power. - by Lee Strasberg

All these people are advocating health over everything, but Why?

It’s because, If your body doesn’t function the way you want, you'll have a hard time achieving anything in your life, or let's say, what will you do after getting success if your body is not capable enough to enjoy those moments?

In today’s era, It’s commonly seen that people get motivated for a very short span of time, put everything they have, money, soul, health, relations, everything. But when they start realizing, they can get money back, they can get their physical resources back & also they can get their loved ones back (If they have left behind due to misunderstanding or they didn’t get the time to spend with them ). But they can not get a healthy body back again. The success seems wasted, right?

This is the reason almost every successful person prioritizes health over anything. 

You must take care of yourself, start exercising, Yoga, jogging, running, and eat healthy food. This can help your mind remain calm & focused while you’re working to get success in life.

Compendium to get success in life ( The Conclusion ):

I hope you've liked this post, as I have explained all these proven facts which are stopping you to get success in life. Yet there are other factors too which may have not been included in this post. But, I tried to envisage it effectively ( I hope so ), As I already mentioned at the starting of the post, this may change your perspective & belief system.

 If you want to change the world, start with yourself.

Start putting yourself as a learner, take actions, strategize your moves, learn new things, build people’s community, start taking care of yourself as the first priority & Most important thing Maintain consistency in your day to day work.

Quote Doesn’t Work Unless You Do

I request you take a screenshot of the below points which are stopping you to get success in life or write down at that location where you spend most of your time & track your actions.

“Be Honest to Yourself”
“Keep Track of Your Time”
“Start Working on Your Skills”
“Do Not Over Commit
“Be Consistent at Any Cost”
“ Ignore Toxic People”
“Take Care of Your Health”

Do let me know in the comment section if you have anything to add, say, or mention.

Thanks for reading, I’ll get back soon with a new post #StayHealthy #StayMotivated.

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