The Real Inside Story behind India-China Border Dispute - Is World War 3 being started?

Hello Readers, Welcome back to, where we try to put The actual inside story in a short & crisp manner. This post has been written after a deep research to identify the real reason behind The India China Face off. I would suggest you not to offend, If you don’t like any of the points given below. Moreover you can contact us or leave a comment below.

The Real Inside Story behind India-China Border Dispute - Is World War 3 being started?
#IndiaChinaFaceOff - The Real Inside Story behind India-China Border Dispute - Is World War 3 being started?

So let's start with this phrase:

This is the Starting of WW3 ( World War III )

Let me tell you my friend, I am not buying that statement right now. Neither India nor China is in the state of starting a World War 3. You don’t seem to agree on this point, right?

Right now people of India & China are having bigger issues than war, respectively. However your mind is throwing wide balls just like in cricket, am I correct? It’s saying, If Neither India nor China is interested in starting World War 3, then why is there so much tension on the India-China border ( LAC - Line of Actual Control )? & How Indian troops were martyred as well as China’s on the border? (According to the latest report when I am writing this post, 20 Indian troops & 43 China’s are Martyred ).

I’ll tell you the reasons, but will not start with the 1962 India-china war, I am only explaining the real reason ( The Inside Story ) of having the tensions on the India-China border ( LAC - Line of Actual Control ) right now.

After reading this post, It could be possible that you’ll not 100% agree with me, but I’ll promise you one thing, your perspective to see this high tension drama on India-China border ( LAC - Line of Actual Control ) will be changed & you will very well understand why both the governments are forcing each other to sit & talk on their terms.

( I’ll try to make this post unbiased w.r.t. India-China or The ruling government in both the countries ).

So Let’s start with the first fact that, 

China sees India as it’s only rival in the World right now:

You & I are very well understand that India has many possibilities to become the largest manufacturing hub of all types of products, China knows that, There’s only one reason India is unable to make it fast is, due to the democratic parliamentary system. Other countries find it difficult to establish any of their plants & companies due to the large amount of paperwork &  changing rules with change in the tertiary of states. ( Different rules to establish any business in different states of India ).

Though the current government of India has done commendable changes in the whole system, however it is not yet smooth.

China’s strategists are intelligent enough to know that, after the international insult on Covid-19, Companies have started moving out from China & India is the first choice of those companies to set up their plants. It is also because India has very cheap labour, land & other environmental benefits over any other country in the world. 

By raising disputes & border tensions, China is trying to put passive pressure on companies to not to set up their business in India ( Usually companies prefer a stable Govt & business friendly country to set up their units & No country can be categorized as peaceful, if It has ongoing disputes with neighbouring countries ).

India is becoming opportunist of world’s current situation ( The Biggest benefit of Covid-19 to India ):

No doubt that India also knows that a country like China is way bigger than them ( you can compare it, in any terms, Economy, Military, GDP, land etc. China is ahead of India ), Moreover China doesn’t have democratic system. It is run by a single person who is like the king of China.

But due to China's foreign policies to occupy it’s nabour countries by giving them huge financial loans, & in return starting slowly capturing that country's nerves & making them helpless ( Small countries are usually unable to pay their debt ex: Sri Lanka & Pakistan to China right now ).

However, the benefit of that ( w.r.t. India ) is European Union Countries. USA, Japan & Arabs start realizing that China is no one’s friend & It’s only policy is to make itself world’s number 1 super power by any hook & crook.

On the other side, during the last 1 decade, India has started building their good & friendly relationships with these countries, & Now here is the time India can ask them to set up their business & invest in India. ( 100% FDI in various sectors, Make in India project, Startup India & now the newest one “Vocal about Local” ).

Now Come to Border’s Situation :

China’s most ambitious project of The New Silk Road ( Which will connect the world with a single road) ( you can read more about this on indiatimes’ post ) is almost in the middle high tide sea & CPEC ( China Pakistan Economic Corridor ) is in deep danger because of many reasons ( among them one is India ). In a number of countries, projects have been scrutinised, downsized or cancelled.

Now India has started focusing on connecting its borders with fast pace & newly built roads.

India’s Border road organisation has completed the construction of 75% of the entire India-China border roads & It is focusing to construct 9 more roads along the border. (Read more on indiatimes )

Apart from this, India has also started constructing heavily armed, brigade level Military bases near LAC & in Northern most hills. There is a small town named Daulat Beg ( It is only 8 Km far from Karakorum Pass ) which can provide access to many areas of LAC & Gilgit. There could be more similar military bases by which China is fearing India's presence near LAC.

So to stop this strategic move of India, China has started deploying it’s troops in Galvan Valley & in other LAC areas. ( However Durbuk & Daulat Beg Oldi is completely inside India's border ).

Both the counties are abiding to their Nation’s Interests & this leads to the conflict between China & India.

As we all know India has already started forecasting the weather of Pak Occupied Kashmir after revoking article 370 & forming J&K, Ladakh as Union territories. Next Step will be to get back POK. This may affect China’s highly ambitious project of the New Silk Road.

Final points: Advising China & India on India-China border LAC ( Line of Actual Control ) issue:

I found these fascinating facts which are leading China & India on the war front, However this is not favourable to any of these countries.

Yet both are trying to make diplomatic pressure on respective governments of the countries & A mental pressure, not only on the People of India & China but Nepal, Pakistan & other countries too.

Spare Our Brave Soldiers ( A Plea from People of India & China):

Sometimes our troops are involved in highly combat situations, though it is without guns (On India-China border ) but they are the real heroes fighting & protecting our nation’s borders. We can not repay their dept of sacrifices in any means. The demise of Martyrs can never be justified as the cost of these countries' ambitions. They love their respective nations & can fight till their last breath.

Both countries must stop this nuance, start talking diplomatically, spare our brave soldiers to fulfil their economically driven ambitions.

Advice to China:

China wants to conquer the world with its money, power & stubborn behaviour, which will never be possible. We can see that China is getting isolated from the world. China is a big time liar & has put the world in the most dangerous pandemic situation by not releasing the actual facts of Covid-19. I am not advocating weather It was human driven practice or an accidental mistake, but If China would have shared the real data of spread & affected people, Maybe the world would have not been suffering so much from Covid-19 as right now.

If China wants to become the Number 1, It should focus on other countries' interests too, bring them together selflessly, then No one will stop China from becoming the Number 1.

Advice to India:

On the other side, India should never forget to consider its neighbor countries. Earlier, We shared very good relations with Nepal ( Just like a younger brother), but now things are changing rapidly, India should start focusing on this aspect too.

Moreover India also wants to be self dependent & developed deliberately, However by indulging in border fights, how could India focus on economic growth. I think India needs to start self analysis, where is It stepping wrong?

I am requesting People of India to be more focused on their contribution towards the nation, instead of fighting with each other, on the basis of caste religion, superiority.

No government will make India developed until The people of India start improving their behaviour, love & respect towards the nation & the people.

A Thank You Note & a very short summary of the post for  the readers:

Thank You everyone for reading this post, I tried to put my perspective on the India-China faceoff & the real reason why they are fighting passively & why there is no possibility of World War 3. ( Their Interests are economically driven & WW3 will destroy that first )

It is because China can not risk everything which has been achieved so far & currently each country finds China responsible for Covid-19 Pandemic. ( People hate Chinese Government, so China should start working on their public image ).

Moreover, India is focusing on long term goals to be self dependent & developed as a manufacturing hub. So War is not favourable to India too. ( It can destroy whatever India has developed so far & push them 20 years behind the current situation ).

If you liked the post please share this as much as you can, Also we would love to hear more from you in the comment section. Tell us what you think about this situation.

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